Major grassroots campaign launched to see Cumbria have a Directly Elected Mayor

Cumbria Yes

The 1st January 2015 marks the date of a major grassroots campaign to change the way Cumbria is governed. A campaign group called “Cumbria Yes” has been established and is pushing for Cumbria to have a Directly Elected Mayor, like Boris Johnson in London and Joe Anderson in Liverpool.

“Cumbria Yes” needs only 5% of voting Cumbrians to sign a petition calling for the changes and then a referendum must be held. If that referendum passes then Cumbria County Council will be run by a directly elected mayor.

Campaigners argue that it will be cheaper, more accountable and give every Cumbrian a say in how they are governed.

Cumbria County Council presently has a Leader and Cabinet arrangement, where Councillors choose who runs the Council, and this petition would force a referendum on whether it should be changed to a Directly Elected Mayor model, where every voter decides who runs the Council.

Deputy Chairman of “Cumbria Yes” is Jess Alston who commented saying:

“I’m very excited about this proposed change to Cumbria, it puts the power back into people’s hands. It is a great way to get better leadership whilst saving on huge salaries. We all get a say, rather than a leader being chosen in backroom political deals. Its just good Cumbrian common sense.”

Leading the Campaign is Ben Berry who says with a Directly Elected Mayor Cumbria could avoid poor decisions like the recent parking meter fiasco:

“A Directly Elected Mayor is exactly what Cumbria needs. We desperately lack political leadership and direction. A mayor would be accountable to all Cumbrians meaning if they made unpopular decisions, like parking meters, they would feel the repercussions come the election.

If you believe in Cumbria’s potential and think we are being let down by our political elite then please sign the petition and vote ‘Cumbria Yes’.”

“Cumbria Yes” is not affiliated with any political party but hopes that all parties and independents will support this campaign.