ITV Border with Cumbria Mayor coverage

In arguably the best coverage of the campaign so far comes ITV Border News which ran a few segments on the campaign for Cumbria to have a directly elected mayor. All their stories can be found here:

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Cumbria Yes covered on BBC North West Tonight

The campaign for a Directly Elected Mayor in Cumbria was covered on North West Today and North West Tonight on BBC 1 yesterday (2nd January 2015). The coverage marks the height of the exposure for the campaign so far. Don’t…

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Cumbria Yes on BBC Radio Cumbria

By 8AM on New Years Day Cumbria Yes campaign was under way and being discussed up and down the County. To get to the heart of the campaign host Paul Braithwaite talked to Cumbria Yes Chairman, Ben Berry, live on…

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Round up of Cumbria Yes launch day coverage

Cumbria Yes had a fantastic launch day with plenty of coverage up and down the County. Virtually every print publication picked it up and also put the story on their websites. Here is a selection of the most notable: Cumbria…

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New Year – New Cumbria

Major grassroots campaign launched to see Cumbria have a Directly Elected Mayor The 1st January 2015 marks the date of a major grassroots campaign to change the way Cumbria is governed. A campaign group called “Cumbria Yes” has been established…

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